Providing Psychotherapeutic Treatment for Individuals, Couples, and Groups.

We will develop a plan for therapy based on your concerns and will be able to set long and short term goals. We will explore methods of treatment based on your individual needs. You may be familiar with cognitive and behavioral strategies for psychological work, but there are many other approaches that can be helpful to you. The main thing to remember about this aspect of therapy is our work together will be tailored to your needs—there are many strategies from which to choose.

Counseling sessions usually take place once a week, sometimes more frequently in the beginning for severe issues, and then frequency tapers off as a person progresses towards his or her goals.

Many therapy clients exclaim that they only wish they had started therapy sooner. What I have observed is that it is never too late to enhance your life through better self-awareness.

Good luck to you in making this very important decision.
Why Seek Counseling?

People seek therapy or counseling
for many reasons—sometimes from a vague sense that life isn’t going as well as they would like to a strong sense that they are depressed or unusually anxious. Some seek therapy because of relationship problems and this can be any relationship that is important to a person. Others have suffered a loss and or feel overwhelmed by stress.

In the process of therapy, a trained therapist will help you examine your thoughts, feelings and behaviors including your interactions with others. Oftentimes people think there is something 'wrong' with them if they struggle in any area of life. The truth is, life is complex and humans are complicated beings. Through the therapeutic process, people come to understand themselves better and this can enhance their sense of self and can greatly improve relationships. Also, there are many therapeutic strategies for the alleviation of depression and anxiety.
Should you choose to work with me, in the beginning stages of therapy/counseling we will collaborate (an individual or couple) using guided self-assessment to help you identify any issues that are interfering with your overall adjustment and well being.

Next, it is often helpful to explore and identify the origins of these issues, although people can begin to feel better long before they gain insight into the origins of problems.